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What We Do

Home Buyer Workshops

CHSA's Homebuyer Workshop program is a comprehensive educational initiative, guiding participants through the entire home buying process. From understanding mortgage options to navigating financial aspects, we empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed for successful homeownership. Our workshops cover essential topics like budgeting, mortgage preapproval, and accessing financial assistance. Through expert counseling and practical insights, we aim to equip aspiring homeowners with the skills to make informed decisions, fostering sustainable communities. Join CHSA in this transformative journey toward achieving your homeownership goals.

Comprehensive Housing Counseling

CHSA's Comprehensive Housing Counseling Program provides personalized guidance to individuals and families, addressing various housing needs. Our certified counselors assist in navigating the complexities of homebuying, rental, and foreclosure prevention. Through in-depth financial analysis and tailored action plans, we empower clients to make informed decisions. The program covers diverse aspects, including budgeting, mortgage options, and resolving housing issues. Whether it's preparing for homeownership, overcoming financial challenges, or ensuring housing stability, CHSA's counseling services contribute to vibrant, resilient communities.

We are also committed to exploring initiatives like affordable housing development to create vibrant neighborhoods where everyone can thrive. We believe that strong communities are built on a foundation of affordable, safe, and accessible housing.

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